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Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Handicap Program

· Keep your golf stats online
· Calculate your handicap
· Analyze your golf stats
· Improve your golf game
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Below are several fictional examples of how you can use to help improve your golf game by analyzing your online golf stats.

Tom - The Beginner Golfer

Online Golf Stats Tracker

Tom is a beginner golfer who plays 1-3 rounds of golf per month. His average score is about 96 and has a golf handicap of 26. While his entire game does need improvement, Tom is trying to focus on one major aspect to work on. While looking at his stats one day before a round, Tom noticed that his worst holes are Par 3's, he averages a 5.3, over 2 strokes above par.

Tom decided to work on his medium to short irons at the range to improve his tee shot on Par 3's. He has been practicing with his 7-iron and Pitching Wedge and his precision and accuracy have both improved, as well as his Par 3 Average.

Frank - The Intermediate Golfer

Golf Score Software

Frank is a pretty consistent weekend golfer, he plays 3-6 rounds per month. Frank averages about 84, has a golf handicap of 14, and is trying to get into the low 80's and possibly break into the 70's. He's pretty consistent all around, although he needs to find an area to specifically improve on.

Frank analyzed some past scores and found that he doesn't hit many fairways. As a result, Frank is often trying to make a good second shot from a poor lie or from a non-advantageous angle. Frank decided to work on his tee shots using his long irons to give him a better second shot opportunity. Instead of missing the fairway with his Driver, Frank is now getting more accurate results with just slightly less of a club.

Chris - The Advanced Golfer

Golf Score Tracking

Chris plays golf whenever he gets the chance. He plays almost every weekend and manages to play a round or two during the week, possibly more. He may be a long-time veteran, averages about 77, and has a golf handicap of 6.

Chris noticed that Par 5's are his worst holes. Not only that, but Chris takes the most putts AND misses the most greens on Par 5's. He deduced that the problem is his approach shot. Chris picked up a High Lobb Wedge to help give him more accuracy in the 40-100 yard range. He now has more confidence to hit greens closer to the pin, and hopefully take fewer putts.

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